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Confira a edição de outubro de 2016 aqui.

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Violência de gênero e relacionamento abusivo

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Crise Democrática

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Liberdade de Expressão

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Confira aqui a edição de Novembro de 2015 aqui.

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Sistema Carcerário

Confira a edição de setembro de 2015 aqui.

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A third, the CFI report, recommended minor modifications such

The KMM report addressed such deficiencies as the ferries inability to carry semi trailer trucks, their low deadweight carrying capacity, the heavy wake wash effect and the "mechanical unreliability". More extensive structural modification were recommended. It recommended a budget of $15 million per vessel be set aside for this purpose. A third, the CFI report, [...]

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Numerous youngsters take an interest in extracurricular

I know someone who started out selling items on Ebay. She was just selling items that she had around the house that she no longer used. She started explaining to others how she was selling items on ebay. The ban on trick or treating has been there way before the former head took charge, the [...]

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