On the way to radiology I stopped by the PT and let them know the situation told I’d need to get a new appt if I couldn’t make this one, the one I’ve already waited three weeks for. I missed my appt by 20something minutes and next available wasn’t for another three weeks. I told them I wanted off post referral and they said only the OIC could do that and I’d have to wait an hour to see him..

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After the treatment was over, my skin returned to normal but my lips grew accustomed to the chapstick. It stupid I know, but for about 3 4 years I used chapstick at least twice an hour. It was an essential item. It sounds like you tried. That good, and more than many people seem to do. Your willingness to care for her during this recovery is a clear sign that you still care about her as a person, and that ok too.

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