Mexico’s Montes scores, possibly breaks leg Luis Montes scored the goal that put Mexico ahead in a 3 1 win over Ecuador in a World Cup tuneup in Arlington, Texas. Two minutes later, he sustained an apparent leg fracture that might cost him a chance to play for El Tri in Brazil. (AP).

fake jewelry There are many opinions out there on how to differentiate real mother of pearl from fake when you’re shopping in wares from the Middle East. One savvy shopper recommends a bit test (if possible), stating, “If it doesn’t click, its plastic.” Beware, they break. Others say real mother of pearl is usually colder than room temperature. fake jewelry

wholesale jewelry Another full disclosure: There is a bonus to my film critic gig. And, no, it not free popcorn. I get to screen a lot of movies before they actually hit theatres and I spent the last couple of weeks with my butt firmly on the couch watching a bunch of documentaries that are part of this year DOXA.. wholesale jewelry

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fashion jewelry It was a first time race outing for little Tic rings for women, owned by Tony and Kathleen Chen of Union City. The little dear so tiny only that name will fit was so nervous when his race started that he simply sat down in front of the miniature starting gate. Just scared, Tony Chen said fashion jewelry.